Dealing with Flood-Damaged Documents

Restoration could still be a possibility

July10 361

Can Documents and Photos still be salvaged after getting damaged by a flood? (Photo Credits)

Looking at Flood Damaged Documents and Photos can be heart-wrenching. After the stress of picking up the pieces of a flooded home or business area, the inconveniences of having documents restored, or re-acquired could be massive.  Commercial Restoration Read More             

Just like what had happened in an Ellisville Courthouse as shared by media outfit WDAM-7.

“After rain fell heavily on Monday in the Pine Belt, documents dating back to the 1800s have been damaged at the Jones County Courthouse in Ellisville. Water leaked through the roof and inside the records room on the third floor, where the documents are stored.  Historian Johnny Pool is a frequent visitor and said he is angry at what he sees when he walks inside. “

Watch the report here.

Digitize what can still be saved

Route Fifty meantime shared that a city in New York had to digitize thousands upon thousands of boxes of documents following a massive flooding. Ace1 Restoration Website

“The county administration also had to deal with an archivist’s nightmare: 1,700 boxes of court documents, some dating back to 1795, were damaged, too. Following the storm, the county quickly had the waterlogged records freeze-dried to prevent molding or additional damage and cleaned of dirt to prepare them for digitization.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Prevention is the Key in protecting against water damage

Water Damage Advice shared some tips on how to avoid possible loss of legal documents due to water damage or flooding.

“Sort your documents by the ones that are most important to the ones that are less important. The most important documents will need to be moved as far away from flood damage as possible. This means upstairs or in an attic. You can even go the extra measure of storing them off of the property in a storage unit or a safety deposit box at a bank.”

Check out the rest of the tips here.

Finding appropriate storage within the home is also key in protecting documents from emergency flooding and water damage occurrences.

After floods, Mold Growth is next


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