Bursting Water Pipes and Flood Damage

When a busted pipe causes home flooding


When water pipes cause flood damage. (Photo Credits)

A bursting water pipe is a common source of flood damage in any home or commercial property. The initial raction and response of a homeowner can help in minimizing the damage that it may bring about. San Diego, CA 

AA Blog shared some of the things the property owner must do while waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive.

“Turn off the water. Drain the pipe of water by turning on all cold taps and flushing all your toilets. Then switch off the water heating system and turn on all hot taps to help drain the water supply system. Simply put, when there is no water left in the pipe the leaking will subside. Prevent further damage. If the leak is coming through your ceiling, place a bucket under the problem area to prevent the spread of any further damage. Exercise caution. If a leak has gone unnoticed for a period of time in the attic, upstairs floors and ceilings may become unstable due to the weight of retained water. Never walk across a bulging floor as it could give way.”

Read the rest of the things that should be done here.

Initial Response

The website The Desperate Houselife emphasized the importance in seeking professional help during these times so as to avid further expenses brought about by flood damage.

“Unless your husband has experience with plumbing, you’ll need to call a professional. That is especially the case if you live in a rented property. Your landlord will want to see the official documentation that proves the work was carried out by a licensed expert. There should be many home repairs specialists in your local area. You just might have to get their contact details using your smartphone. Your laptop and WiFi connection aren’t going to work without any power. Once the professionals have fixed the pipes, you can start to clean up. It took me around six hours to get things back to normal. That is because the water damaged so much of our stuff. There are companies you can call if you need a hand. The people working for those firms are specially trained in ensuring no dangerous bacteria is left behind.”

Check out the whole post here.

Frozen Pipes can Burst Too

British website Sure Stop also reminded its readers that frozen pipes can also burst, and subsequently cause flood damage.

“Frozen pipes occur more often in winter. A harsh drop in temperature causes the water passing through the pipes to freeze and expand, potentially leading to a burst pipe and flooding. A burst pipe, if left alone, can flood your home at a rate of 400 litres per hour. At the first sign of any water damage, it is important to turn your water supply off to prevent any further damage. If reading this article has got you thinking Stopcock, where’s that? Go check, incase of an emergency you will be prepared.”

Read the suggested initial responses here.

When pipes burst and it brought about significant flood damage, call in flood restoration professionals to minimize further water damage in your property.

When Roof Leaks Cause Flood Damage




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